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Get connected.

In real life, you get to evaluate people around you based on whether you know them, interact with them or trust them.
Referd works in exactly the same way; it will ask you to invite your connections and evaluate your relationship with them according to how well you know them.

All you need to do is determine the level of your acquaintance with a person according to three levels:

Trustmeter What it means

You know this person with whom you had limited or intermittent interactions.
There might have been extended periods during which you didn't have any news from this person.


You interact(ed) with this person in the past or until the present time moderately or extensively.
You might have done business with this person as well, involving a certain level of trust.


You trust this person fully and your relationship is of a high value to you.

You can change the evaluation for any contact anytime you wish. The same works for your contacts, as they will equally evaluate their relationship with you when accepting your invitation.

The cherry on top? It’s all done in total confidentiality and your relationship evaluations, contact list and mutual contacts with other members will always be private!

Our confidentiality rules are permanently in place so that you remain in control of your personal data at all times, and to protect all members of Referd from any breach of privacy.

Get referred

Make the best out of the network you're building on Referd by getting introduced to key people you can strike new business deals with! You can get referred to a specific person you've heard of, or to a target job title you have in mind. If you go for the latter, Referd will determine the contact that most closely matches your specified target profile.

Once you send your referral, Referd will initiate the search to find the best contact you have in common with your target. If you feel sensitive about the referral being sent to some of your contacts, choose to exclude them prior to forwarding the request.

Since privacy is at the core of Referd's values, your request will remain totally confidential, and you will not know the names of your mutual contact and of your target (if you specified a profile), until they both accept your referral request. Once they do, you and your target contact will be automatically added in each other's contact lists.

Because Referd understands the importance of time in business deals, your referral request will get a period of 24 hours to be successfully completed, at the end of which it will expire. You will then have to initiate a new request.

You can always consult the FAQ section for more details.