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Last updated on: 15-01-2015

Referd is a business tool that will privately find for you your "best mutual contact" every time you request to "get referred to a target". The algorithm takes into account the confidential relationship evaluations (Know, Interact, Trust) that members have to indicate when sending and accepting "invitations to connect", and after accepting "referral requests".

Due to the highly sensitive nature of your own list of contacts, your relationship evaluations, and the names of your mutual contacts with other members, Referd has been designed from the ground up to keep all this crucial personal data totally private for all members, at all times.

Members can only choose to unhide their own profile (name, picture, job positions, locations and/or phone & email) so that other members could eventually find them, without affecting in any way the privacy of the rest of their personal data, or the privacy settings of other members.

The three points below constitute the pillars of Referd's privacy policy:

  1. Privacy of your personal data and activity: Referd takes very seriously the privacy nature of your personal data and of your requests to get referred to others. Since your data and activity is of the highest value to yourself, it is therefore to us as well. We intend to remain transparent about the way your personal data and activity are dealt with in order to gain your trust from the first moment you sign up and reinforce it constantly, as follows:

    1. Online search engines and advertising: None of Referd's data can be accessed by online search engines or advertisers. See the "Monetization and privacy" point below on how we intend to monetize our service.
    2. Your personal data: None of Referd's members – connected to you or not – will be able to access or see your following personal data: the date you joined Referd, your own list of contacts connected to you, their total count, your relationship evaluations and personal notes, the mutual contacts other members have with you, and the contacts stored in your mobile address book.
    3. Your membership's privacy towards members not connected to you: As long as you don't change your privacy settings that are set to "hidden" by default, Referd's members not connected to you cannot find out if you already signed up or not, and cannot view your profile, positions or contact details.
    4. Your profile details shared with connected members: When you connect to other members or get referred to each other, your name, position(s) and contact details will be displayed in each other's "Contacts" screen, regardless of your privacy settings. Whenever you edit your contact details, they will also be updated for your own contacts. You will be able to choose which contact details to communicate to other members when you accept their referral requests, in a future release.
    5. Your phone address book: None of the contacts stored in your mobile device's address book are uploaded to our servers without you specifically choosing the ones you want to connect or get referred to on Referd. In this case, only their full name and primary email address are uploaded. The phone numbers of your contacts are not uploaded.
    6. Your personal notes: You can separately choose to grant Referd access to the personal notes of your phone book contacts so that you can view them within Referd.
    7. Blocking other members: When you block another member, you will stop receiving any further referral requests or messages from this member, who will never be aware of your decision.
    8. Your referral requests: Every referral request you send will be received by a single best mutual contact, if found. You will know your best mutual contact's name only after your request is accepted by each of your mutual and target contacts. If any of them rejects it or doesn't respond to it, you will only be informed after 7 days that your request expired in order to protect the privacy of their decision (or their lack of it).
    9. Excluding some of your contacts before sending a referral request: You can exclude any number of your own "sensitive" contacts in case you think any of them might be picked as the "best mutual contact". They will only be excluded for the specific request you are sending, and the second best mutual contact will therefore be considered. Members you previously blocked are automatically excluded from all your requests. In both cases, blocked or excluded members will never be aware of your activity and decisions.
    10. Your messages: When asking to get referred, you can choose to send your own message to the best mutual contact only, or to the target contact as well. When you are chosen by Referd as the best mutual contact for a referral, any eventual messages exchanged between yourself and the target contact will remain strictly private between the two of you, regardless of the target's final decision.
  2. Personal data security and encryption: Relationship evaluations are stored in an encrypted way on our servers. All data transferred between Referd's mobile application and Referd's servers is encrypted and protected using SSL. The servers are located in a secure location in Europe with a renown hosting company.
  3. Monetization and privacy: Since we are keen on protecting your personal data and your privacy at all costs, we will not have any kind of advertising, which would contradict this privacy policy. We plan instead to charge a reasonable pay-per-use fee in the near future every time your "referral request" is accepted. Your personal data will therefore always be private and securely stored, and cannot be accessed by external search engines or advertising tools.

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