Privacy Policy

Last Updated February 2019

  1. Introduction

  2. Referd privately finds the best mutual contact available every time you request a referral thanks to the private relationship evaluations (Interact, or Trust) that members assign to each other.

    Due to the highly sensitive nature of your own list of contacts, your relationship evaluations, and the names of your mutual contacts with other members, Referd has been designed from the ground up to keep all this crucial personal data totally private for all members, at all times.

  3. Registration

  4. To create an account, all you need to provide is your name, your email and/or mobile number and a password.When registering for a “Premium Service” (coming soon), you will also need to provide payment and billing information.

  5. Profile

  6. Only you have access and control of your account. While you do not have to provide additional information, more details will help you get better Referral suggestions and help other members find you faster. You can choose to hide or unhide your profile. Setting your profile as “Public” helps other members find you, without affecting in any way the privacy of the rest of your personal data, or the privacy settings of other members.

  7. Personal data and activity

  8. We take the private nature of your data and referral requests very seriously. They are of the highest value to yourself and their protection is part of our mission. It is therefore to us as well. We are transparent about the way your personal data and activity are handled.

    None of Referd's members (or Team) – connected to you or not – will be able to access or see any of your personal data. By personal data, we mean for example your list of contacts, their total count, your relationship evaluations and personal notes, the mutual contacts other members have with you.

  9. Service Use

    1. Non Connected Members
    2. When you change your visibility setting to “Semi-Private” (it’s set to "Public" by default), Referd's members not connected to you cannot find out if you already signed up or not, and cannot view your profile, position or contact details, unless they have your email address stored in their address book.

    3. Connected Members
    4. When you connect to other members or get referred to each other, your name, position(s) and contact details will be displayed in each other's "Contacts" screen, regardless of your privacy settings. Whenever you edit your contact details, they will also be updated for your own contacts. You will be able to choose which contact details to communicate to other members when you accept their referral requests, in a future release.

    5. Address Book
    6. None of the contacts stored in your mobile device's address book are uploaded to our servers without you specifically choosing the ones you want to connect or get referred to on Referd. In this case, only their full name and primary email address are uploaded and are purged from the server when the Referral Request is complete. The phone numbers of your contacts are not uploaded.

    7. Referral Requests
    8. Every referral request you send will be received by a single best mutual contact when found. You will know your best mutual contact's name only after your request is accepted by both your mutual contact and target. If any of them rejects it or doesn't respond to it, the Referral Request will remain pending in order to protect the privacy of their decision (or lack of).

    9. Messages
    10. When asking to get referred, you can choose to send your own message to the best mutual contact and to the target contact as well or choose a standard message suggested by Referd.

  10. Security and Encryption

  11. All your data (Profile Info, Relationship Evaluations, Contacts) is encrypted and stored only on your device and your device only. Our servers communicate directly with your device to find the best mutual contact when sending a Referral Request. All data transferred between Referd's mobile application and Referd's servers is encrypted and protected using SSL. The servers are located in a secure location in Europe with a renowned hosting company.

  12. Premium Services

  13. Since we are keen on protecting your personal data and privacy, we do not and will not have any kind of advertising. Instead, we will offer a reasonable pay-per-use fee and monthly/yearly based subscriptions with unlimited Referral Requests and extra features. Your personal data is always private, safe and secure.

  14. Development and Research

    1. Development
    2. We use public feedback (received from the app itself), AppStore reviews, as well as direct messages sent to our development team to further improve our services and keep providing members with a better, more intuitive and personalized enhanced experience.

    3. Surveys & Polls
    4. Surveys and polls are conducted by us through our service. Whether you decide to participate or not is strictly your choice. You may opt-out of survey invitations at any time.

  15. Customer Support

  16. Since our team has no access to your data, in order to respond and resolve complaints and service issues you have raised to us through the “help” icon, you may supply at your own discretion any of the data necessary to resolve your issue(s).

  17. Account Closure

  18. If you choose to close your Referd account, your data will be immediately deleted when you uninstall the App since the data is completely and solely on your device.However, you will still appear on connected members’ address book as changes on your device does not affect others.

  19. Other Important Information

  20. Our Service is dynamic and we often introduce new features as well as update our App to stay on par with or surpass current technologies. New updates may add new Profile fields as well as introduce changes to existing ones. Whenever a major update is released, we will notify you. We may also modify this privacy policy at anytime.


For any further information or if you have any questions, please Email Us